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The importance of sleep for weight loss

The world today has us all running around tired and stressed, most grinding through to the end of the week so they can have a night out or catch up on sleep but we need sleep to be a regular and steady thing, it’s not always possible, but we can try!

5 vitamins that women may not get enough of

Women have different nutritional needs than men, so we need to first look at what these needs are to get a good idea of what multivitamins are right for you.

health benefits of bone broth

Bone Broth – sorting the facts from the hype

What is bone broth? Is there a component that can fulfil the many health claims made about it? Let’s look at the science behind these potential healing properties.

How to use MyFitnessPal to keep on track with your nutrition

We have created this quick guide to enable you to use MyFitnessPal to its full potential when tracking your food intake and macros.

Going Primal – Sarah’s journey

Going Primal – Sarah’s journey

Read all about a Primal member’s journey, from joining the gym to growing stronger and more confident.

Why fasting could be good for the body and brain

Fasting is an overlooked yet potentially very beneficial method of ‘resetting’ the body and kick-starting a healthy new regime, but few people are willing to give it a try.

Top 10 Natural remedies for anxiety

There are many alternative remedies and supplements on the market which are based on traditional folk medicine and touted as natural remedies for anxiety.

Could fasting help to boost the immune system?

Fasting, i.e. the practice of not eating for a specific time period, has been done for thousands of years by people for ritualistic or spiritual reasons, and some people believe it could be beneficial to your health, especially the immune system.

How exercise can improve your mental health

Many people find that exercise helps them to manage their anxiety and can help distract them from spiralling into negative thought patterns, as well as giving them that rush of feel-good endorphins that can help to counter feelings of anxiety.

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