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Finally... Say Goodbye To The Old You! Discover How Primal Gym Can Transform Your Fitness, Figure & Life With Our 6 Week New Year 2024 Challenge!

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If you're finally ready to get in shape, feel confident again and take back control of your life, this is the perfect way to make a positive change right now.

We have just 18 spaces for Lincoln women due to capacity reasons. Once the spaces are gone, they're gone!

In 6 Weeks Or Less, You'll:

☑    Dramatically Improve Your Fitness & Strength Levels

☑    Tone & Sculpt Your Body

☑    See Your Clothes Fitting Better Than Ever Before

☑    Gain More Energy Throughout The Day

☑    Build Your Self Esteem & Transform Your Confidence Levels

☑    Look & Feel Better in 2024

Our Gym Reviews - Our Journeys

Here's How We Made the Transormational Process Easy

Guiding Your Process

From start to finish you'll be guided through our process that keeps you consantly motivated & accountable to get the results you've always wanted, regardless of your past experience. Our system is tailored for all abilities, so even if you have little to no experience, you will still get incredible results in a very short space of time.

Tailored Nutrition


You'll find no diets or fads with our 6-week programme and you won't be cutting out carbs or eating leaves throughout the day. Our nutritional guidance will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy the most and still get stunning results.

Expert Training



Our expert trainers will work with you to suit all of your needs and preferences when it comes to excercise. We'll start you off slow, but you get results fast! Every session will be fun and varied but focused on getting the ideal results you had in mind.



This is not a typical "Gym Membership" where you go in and get on with it. This is a bespoke programme based around you and your specific goals to get the results you've always wanted!

Personal trainer Ryan Croft at Primal Life Gym Lincoln

Meet your Expert Body Transformation Coach

Ryan Croft

Dear Lincoln Resident,

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I improve my fitness and feel healthier?
  • I'm feeling low on energy - how can I find a different perspective to feel better?
  • How can I find time to workout and improve my nutrition?
  • How do Incorporate a new fitness regime into my busy lifestyle and feel part of a close community?

If so, you're in the right place...

Getting fit and healthy can be tough but with the right coaching team, community and accountability that consistently help you towards your health and fitness goals - it becomes much easier.

If you're frustrated and unclear of what to do next with your weight and fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life, then we can help you so you'll never struggle again to get fit and healthy.

Primal Life Gym is led by fitness expert Ryan Croft, who is considered the authority on getting everyday people in the BEST shape of their lives.

He is the expert people go to when they need help with their own strength, fitness, health, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, if you live in Lincoln, Ryan and the Primal Life team can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams.

These Local Residents Tried Various Diets & Boring Workouts That Simply Diddn't Work, That Is, Until They Found Us!

In A Very Short Space Of Time They Transformed Their Bodies and Lives - But Don't Take Our Word For It, See What THese Local Residents Had To Say Below:
female weight loss progess pic Primal Life Gym Lincoln gym reviews

"Amazing motivation, support and friendship comes from the trainers and the rest of the group. This is why I would highly reccomend Primal Life Gym over a conventional gym any day. I have access to a nutrition plan that has transformed my outlook on food and therefore my life."

Lisa Fisher


"I almost gave up on my health because of the frustration from the lack of results within barious other programs. However, Primal Life Gym gave me the overall understanding and education as to what I needed to do to create a healthy lifestyle of disciplin and focus"

Sarah Barker

Kat weight loss progress Primal Life Gym Lincoln gym reviews

"The personal attention to detail, and pressure-free approach you took, was very much appreciated. But mostly the way you pushed me to do my very best was evident, whilst keeping it fun too! I have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Thank you for your service provided to us so far, and we look forward to you being a part of our health and well-being journey for the future!"

Kat A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to commit to?

Theres no long term commitment here, it's just 6 weeks for you to experience what we offer and get results! After 6 weeks, you're free to leave if you want (See below for more info...)


What if I haven't excercised in a very long time or have little experience?

With our personalised approach no matter what you're fitness ability is we'll cater the programme around your needs and preferences. you will have revamped your fitness, strength & overall energy levels to feel awesome!


What if I've had past or current injuries?

It is very common for us to work with individuals who have had various injuries and pains. We'll work around your injuries and even work to eliminate those niggles so you can live pain-free.

What People Say About Us

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