Mobility matters!


Mobility and movement have become more and more widespread as the health and fitness industry has matured, the last few years have seen a HUGE spike in mobility and functionality training styles and the rise of many “movement” gurus. 

And in truth, with a little of the trendy bulls**t swept aside, for the most part it’s all good stuff!

As for ‘why’ you should consider your movement and mobility, it’s this simple… 

The world is doing a rapid job of messing up your posture and movement! I now see on an all too frequent basis, children in their teens and lower suffering with profound postural issues and in over 95% of these children it’s ALL down to lifestyle mechanics! 

We adults are no different, mobile phones, cars and office lifestyle is crushing many of us and if you are not going to put habits in place to nullify the negative ones, then sadly you are going to suffer. 


Treatment and protocol will vary, but for almost everyone I would advise these three main things:

1) Look at your lifestyle and your habits and find the cause, if you can make simple changes they will have a positive long term effect. This may be as simple as using a standing desk rather than sitting, or stretching every 45 minutes for 5 minutes at a time.


2) Put NEW habits in place to “fight” the current issues, for example if you have to spend a lot of time in your car for work, then seek advice on a simple 15-20 minute mobility routine that will fight the negative postural issues associated with prolonged sitting. 

3) Manual therapy – if you can justify the time and cost, see a specialist that can help you free up the tight tissue and advise on how to fix issues. 

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