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Everything about Primal is customer focused. Staff listen to requests and provide as soon as they can.
Can’t recommend this gym enough! Brilliant equipment with a great atmosphere.
Amazing equipment, friendly staff, clearly the best gym in Lincoln 😁
Friendly staff. Great environment to train. All new kit. Excellent.
Well equipped, spacious, friendly environment to train in.

Looking for Pilates Classes in Lincoln?

Would you like to try Pilates? Maybe you already enjoy Pilates and are looking for a new class? You can join our Pilates classes at Primal Life Gym! As well as our other fitness classes, we offer Pilates classes several times per week! PIlates can help you to improve core strength as well as develop flexibility and agility. Our great team of instructors can help you to develop your Pilates practice within a small class. 

Lose excess fat

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Increase strength and agility

Improve your health and fitness

Join our Pilates classes in central Lincoln at our wonderful studio within Primal Life Gym, a spacious yet welcoming environment that is completely separate from the main gym floor. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure you get full focus and attention from our Pilates instructors, also you can enjoy a small, intimate class in confidence while maintaining social distancing. 

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Our Gym Where our Pilates Classes take place

Here's a quick peek inside our gym. This is our hub where our Personal Trainers scheme on how to make you hate them for pushing you.

We have all the equipment you need no matter what your goals are. Whether you want to be the strongest man or woman in Lincoln, or simply want to get fit, our Personal Trainers will try to move heaven and earth to help you get towards and crush your goals.

Why you should choose us for your Pilates classes in Lincoln

Or call 01522 262990 now for a FREE consultation and we'll see which Personal Trainer fits your needs best.

We offer a 45 minute long Pilates class conveniently held on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 - 7:30pm - ideal for those who work during the day. Our Pilates instructor can guide you through a simple but rewarding workout over Zoom, so you can easily join in from home! 

About our Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes are led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who specialise in Pilates, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. All of our fitness instructors have a passion for what they do and this helps our members to get the most out of Pilates and other classes. Our strong sense of community, or tribe, carries over into all of our classes and we help and support one another in reaching our individual health and fitness goals. 


Pilates is often used by people with back problems, as the gentle but effective practise of PIlates can help to increase range of motion, strengthen the core muscles of the body, and improve posture. If you have never tried Pilates before, this is a great place to start, also classes are good for those more experienced in Pilates too. If you find yourself feeling stiff and achy, if you sit for long periods of the day perhaps in an office chair or while driving, or if you often have pain in your back, shoulders or hips, then Pilates could be the perfect way to relieve these issues and improve your overall health and fitness levels. Much like yoga, Pilates involves a range of specific movements that engage your core muscles while focusing on correct posture and body awareness. This makes Pilates a wonderful exercise in mindfulness, which many people find quite meditative, and can help to focus the mind, which is advantageous for good mental health. You don't need any special equipment for Pilates classes - just your body and mind.


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Select a Personal Trainer that fits with you

100% Tailored training

Lose excess fat

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Improve your health and fitness

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