Lose fat, improve strength, fitness & health! All in a focused yet friendly environment.

Nutrition Coaching

One of the key philosophies to what we do is nutrition, NOT a “diet”. Diets are temporary and what we will help you do is achieve a balanced nutritional structure to your lifestyle that will grow and adapt with you to always be keeping you Strong, Healthy and Happy. 

As you progress on your journey your nutritional structure will adapt with you, allowing for goals to be achieved without sacrificing your lifestyle. 


Goal focused Nutritional structure

Your nutritional structure will be tailored to help you achieve your primary goal and will then evolve as you do. 


Supporting healthy sleep

We see little point in looking good and feeling bad and so your nutritional structure will always support your health, stress reduction and sleep.


Supporting and enhancing Training

We believe in supporting healthy strength and lean tissue growth in both male and female clients, helping you feel stronger and healthier. 

Physical Coaching/Training


Your Training Program

Structured with a Personal Trainer of your choice and designed specifically to get YOU results fast, efficiently and above all designed to be sustainable.

This will grow and evolve as you do and form a major part of your sustainable new lifestyle.


Events & Seminars

We believe education and awareness are key to combatting  poor training and nutritional habits, as a facility we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of education and invite all our Tribe to share in our expanding knowledge and experience, as a result we will be holding regular open days, events and educational seminars to better advance all of our tribe as a whole. 


Resources & Community

We will be producing a series of digital resources and our online community housed via a Facebook group.

Groups will be created for all major aspects of the facility, these add a fun and friendly social aspect to everything we do as well as allowing you to keep up to date on specific things such as our Primal Bootcamp, Classes & Challenges or Strength Academy. 

Strength & Conditioning 

This is a widely misunderstood term, All forms of training are at the core some form of strength or conditioning training, CrossFit, Yoga, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding are all forms of strength & conditioning and we use this term to encompass all that we offer. 

Mobility & Flexibility

Being truly free in your own body is an amazing feeling, and although we understand that not everyone wants to be extremely mobile and flexible, we do believe in guiding our Tribe to being not only strong & healthy but mobile and truly free to move! From simply allowing you to enjoy the simple things in life more to advanced sports performance. 

Rehabilitation & Pre-hab 

We all suffer from some minor injury or instability and one of our main aims is to get rid of these little aches, pains and limitations! Leaving you truly free to work better, play better and enjoy life to its full! 


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