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Rose Lewis

I was really scared to go to the gym at first, I have never really been into sports or the gym but I knew I wanted to lose weight and this gym just felt right, The team are lovely and helped me get over my fear of the gym and now I’m addicted! It’s an amazing place filled with lovely people. 

Paul Woods

I have been active most of my life but after having kids and my business took off I lost the habit, Ryan reminded me that If I want it I will make time for it and he helped me build a plan that would allow me to train hard but fast and my nutrition was simple and easy to implement, I was actually amazed how simple it could be, I don’t read Men’s Health anymore! 

Andrea Ros

I joined on a 7 Day Pass and I have never looked back since! I love the Bootcamp and Primal Flow Yoga class and I have even ventured onto the strength area a few times, I am more confident than ever. The people are down to earth and actually talk to each other, its a real community not just a gym. 

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