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Look no further for your post lockdown gym guys and girls, this place is AWESOME!
Very good, clean equipment and environment. Knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Great gym, really helpful team definitely reccomend you give this place a try.
The best kit and atmosphere of any gym I've ever been to.

Yoga Classes In Lincoln?

Did you know you can do yoga at Primal Life Gym? As well as our other fitness classes including Pilates and bootcamps, you can also enjoy Yoga classes several times per week! 

Develop your flexibility, mobility and balance as well as strength with our great team of instructors who will help you achieve your own health and fitness goals.

Lose excess fat

Increase mobility and flexibility

Increase core strength

Improve overall health and fitness

Promote relaxation and decrease stress

Join our yoga classes in central Lincoln at our fabulous yoga studio within Primal Life Gym. All of the class sizes are kept small, ensuring you get excellent, personalised tutelage and focus from our yoga instructors in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Don’t get lost in a sea of members - enjoy a tailored yoga class within a small, intimate group.

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"The yoga classes are brilliant" - Claire

Whether you are a seasoned yoga veteran, can’t touch your toes, or somewhere in the middle, our yoga classes are good for anyone from beginners to experts - we can help you to develop your own yoga practise in a friendly, relaxed environment. The health benefits of yoga are numerous - yoga is a wonderful way to increase your flexibility, balance and strength, and the gentle yet powerful movements of yoga can help to aid relaxation after a long day, as well as helping you limber up for the day ahead. Many people find that yoga is helpful for stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue, and could also be beneficial for heart health. Some people also find yoga to be helpful when dealing with joint pain or inflammatory health issues.

Why you should choose us for your Yoga classes in Lincoln

We offer several yoga classes at convenient times during the week and weekend that will suit your schedule, allowing you to work your yoga practice around your life. We offer private, individual changing rooms and modern rainforest-style showers making it easy for you to come to a class on your way to or from work. Our yoga classes are friendly and supportive, and the studio is clean and inviting, as well as completely separate from the main gym floor.

About our Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are led by our own instructors who specialise in yoga and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. We will always offer an authentic experience with instructors who are passionate about yoga and love what they do, as it helps the members of our tribe to get the most out of yoga classes. We have a strong sense of community here at Primal Life and this carries over into all of our classes.


We are all in it together - this quest for a happy, healthy, rewarding life with a balanced mix of fitness, nutrition, mental health and general wellbeing, and together we can reach our own personal goals and support one another along the journey. 

Yoga Classes

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